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(no subject)
Gracie teenager
Friends only, I'm afraid.

Comment to be added.

(Peee.Esss. If you're here for the fic, check out cuspofqueens. You should find it there.)

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I find you to be amusing... can we be friends? =)

Friends? I like friends! We can be friends!

Ooh, friends! I like friends! (I was just thinking I needed more of those...)

I'm starting to meet some awesome people in the CM fandom. :D

I was admiring yours earlier. So then I had to go find mine. =P

Hi! :) *waves*

I'm pretty new to the CM fandom, but you seem really interesting. Would you friend me? :)

Sure! Be warned, though, I tend to do most of my squeeing in other people's journals. =)

But welcome!

I am a definite lurker, but interested in your CM stuff. :)

Hi! I feel I should warn you -- if you're just looking for fic, I post everything publicly at cuspofqueens. This journal is almost completely for whining about RL stuff, and the occasional meme/quiz.

I don't post ANY of my fic on this journal, mainly because I hate cross-posting so much. The stories themselves always go to cuspofqueens.

If you still want to be friended, let me know, and I will, no problem.

I can haz friend?? *woobie eyes*

I seem to be branching out in the CM fandom and it would be wrong to not include you in said branching. ^_^

...especially since you seem so cool.

LOL! Um, thanks?

I don't know if 'cool' is quite the word for it, but you're more than welcome! I'm pretty boring, though...hai!

I really enjoy your fics. would you add me, please?

Sure. Can I assume you'd like to be on my writing filter? That's where I talk about the writing process and post sneak peeks and complain loudly.

I love CM and I too am annoyed at the loss of a certain rockstar lesbian FBI agent...just wondering if we can be friends?

Welcome! Are you here for the scribblins or just a generally friendly person? Because I have a writing filter for people interested in that. Even though I post everything to cuspofqueens eventually, some of my friends would rather not be spammed with me whining about deadlines and uncooperative Muses. ;)

I guess a bit of both. I enjoy your fic but I don't mind your ramblings. :)

I just realized we are not reciprocal lj friends, mind if I friend you?

Commenting to be added...

I agree with moo_spoon, I've seen some of your comment rambling on other journals, read that as innerslytherin, and wanted to know more.

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