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Gracie teenager
So I've come to the conclusion that I?

Am a complete icon whore. I've got to have like 100 icons saved to my computer....

nothing I've done myself, mind you, because that's just way more work than I'm willing to put in but random other people's who've managed to come up with someing spectacular.

I just lovelovelove the pretty sparkly icons!

And I've really got to invest in a paid journal so I can actually put these somewhere and make use of them, because this whole six at a time thing? Getting old.


Speaking of getting old!

If you're in the Seattle area on the should come head down to Gameworks in honor of yours truly, who will celebrate having wasted away yet another year of her life! (no, I'm not bitter at all, really.) There shall be fun and games to be had by all (considering there's a bar and its an arcade for grownups to run around like twelve year olds) ! Much fun to be had, and it will be had by me, bitches, so everybody who can had better show up to celebrate moi.

*kisses* !


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