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Gracie teenager
I there anybody out there in the general populace of my flist (or my friends' flists) who would like to read my unfinished, wip, bau_bigbang piece?

LILLIAN NEEDS A CHEERLEADER LIKE WOAH because it's only like halfway done, and oh yeah, that deadline thing is in four days.

So I need someone (or multiple someones, I'm not picky!) to prod me into writing more, and tell me if it's working for them.

*headdesk* I love it when I get all spazzy and accidentally hit the post button before I'm ready.

I AM NOT LOOKING FOR BETAS. I mean, hey, if you see a typo, please point it out to me, but don't feel like that's what I'm looking for. I am looking for a cheerleader/prodder/poker/reader who is interested in a sneak peek before the bigbang comes out. And can hold my hand when I freak out and push me to keep writing because yeah. only halfway done. only have four days left.


edit again: THIS IS GOING TO BE A SLASH THREESOME STORY SET IN THE CRIMINAL MINDS FANDOM AND THERE ARE BOYS AND THEY LIKE BOYS AND THERE ARE OTHER BOYS INVOLVED. Hotch/Reid/Rossi, for those of you who are curious. Right now it's running as more of a Reid character study and fuck if I know how that happened!

FOUND! I have found my lovely lifesavers! Thanks for your time! *beams*

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*smile* THanks. If I hadn't given up, I'd definitely need the encouragement. As it is, I'm positive I'm not going to be done enough to be happy with sending a draft to an artist. There's so much missing!

Thank you for the offer, though. I really appreciate it.

You're welcome! Sorry to hear that it didn't work out :(

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