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Doing my part to help_haiti.

All right, y'all.

As I'm sure you know, efforts are underway to send relief down to Haiti, and fandom's getting involved. I'm throwing in my lot to help raise money by offering up a story written for the highest bidder.

The story will be a minimum of 3,000 words in length, in the fandom and pairing of your choosing.

You can find my thread here, with all the details of what I am offering.

Bidding closes in 6 days.

Who wants to help me pimp this far and wide?
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I there anybody out there in the general populace of my flist (or my friends' flists) who would like to read my unfinished, wip, bau_bigbang piece?

LILLIAN NEEDS A CHEERLEADER LIKE WOAH because it's only like halfway done, and oh yeah, that deadline thing is in four days.

So I need someone (or multiple someones, I'm not picky!) to prod me into writing more, and tell me if it's working for them.

*headdesk* I love it when I get all spazzy and accidentally hit the post button before I'm ready.

I AM NOT LOOKING FOR BETAS. I mean, hey, if you see a typo, please point it out to me, but don't feel like that's what I'm looking for. I am looking for a cheerleader/prodder/poker/reader who is interested in a sneak peek before the bigbang comes out. And can hold my hand when I freak out and push me to keep writing because yeah. only halfway done. only have four days left.


edit again: THIS IS GOING TO BE A SLASH THREESOME STORY SET IN THE CRIMINAL MINDS FANDOM AND THERE ARE BOYS AND THEY LIKE BOYS AND THERE ARE OTHER BOYS INVOLVED. Hotch/Reid/Rossi, for those of you who are curious. Right now it's running as more of a Reid character study and fuck if I know how that happened!

FOUND! I have found my lovely lifesavers! Thanks for your time! *beams*
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FIC: Love Letters [CM; JJ/Prentiss, Rated G]

I was totally going to slack on posting this until I found out I'd been pimped on femslash_today, and thought I should actually do that posting thing.

Title: Love Letters
Author: Lil
Feedback address:
Date in Calendar: 28 Nov 2007
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: JJ/Prentiss; pre-slash
Rating: G, for once
Summary: Emily muses on her teammates.
Spoilers/Warnings: Specific spoilers for The Big Game/Revelations, and In Birth and Death
Notes: Written for the FSAC07; with praise and adorations to dragonladyk for the fabulous beta job.
Disclaimer: Criminal Minds and its characters are the property of CBS. No infringement intended. If you recognise them, they aren't mine, and I borrowed them without permission.

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because she got me paid time for eljay AND got me extra icon space. Seriously? I was expecting a scarf!! *grins and twirls* I WILL SO SETTLE FOR THIS!

So, on a related note, GIP!

I can finally play those 'pick seven icons and I'll tell you why I have them' games! I am nowhere NEAR done uploading them all (and honestly when I saw that she'd given me so many I had a moment of 'but I don't think I have 100 to upload...OH WELL GUESS I'LL HAVE TO GO FIND MORE!'

So tragic is my life, I TELL YOU PEOPLE!

*bounces and twirls*


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So I've come to the conclusion that I?

Am a complete icon whore. I've got to have like 100 icons saved to my computer....

nothing I've done myself, mind you, because that's just way more work than I'm willing to put in but random other people's who've managed to come up with someing spectacular.

I just lovelovelove the pretty sparkly icons!

And I've really got to invest in a paid journal so I can actually put these somewhere and make use of them, because this whole six at a time thing? Getting old.


Speaking of getting old!

If you're in the Seattle area on the should come head down to Gameworks in honor of yours truly, who will celebrate having wasted away yet another year of her life! (no, I'm not bitter at all, really.) There shall be fun and games to be had by all (considering there's a bar and its an arcade for grownups to run around like twelve year olds) ! Much fun to be had, and it will be had by me, bitches, so everybody who can had better show up to celebrate moi.

*kisses* !